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The Brief

Heart Valve Voice is a charity that works tirelessly to change the conversation about heart disease.

Their main aim is to address the under-diagnosis and under-treatment of heart valve disease in the UK. They do this through meet-the-public events, political lobbying and raising awareness with the public, clinicians and industry.

HVV wanted to engage online with people that have had experience of heart valve disease nationwide. The charity works with a number of external agencies that needed access to the site to publish their progress being made on a daily basis, highlighting the achievements of their team. The charity also wanted an area of the site where they could register interest from interested parties, to help strengthen their case, create a movement and bring together a groundswell of opinion.

What we delivered

We worked closely with the client to establish a friendly and inclusive look and feel that was much more informal than their previous offering, providing consistent calls to action encouraging users to interact with the site.

Frank segmented relevant information into user groups, making it easier for the site visitor to browse the information that was relevant to them.

The results

    Heart Valve Voice met all annual engagement and interaction targets by month 9 of their 12-month digital marketing plan, increasing voices given onsite by 97%, which gave them a 3-month window to exceed their targets. Frank are working on further developments to the site to help the to increase the reach of their message and convert more website browsers to voices given.

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